Time is free, but also priceless. Everyone is busy and has 10,000 excuses as to whey they can’t go to the gym, but what if Flex Fitness gave you 10,000 reasons why you should go to the gym.

How does a chance to put TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in cash into your pocket sound? Do it for your health and your wallet!

How to Enter:

Non-Members: Stop by any of our 3 Flex Fitness to find out how to get your name in the Flex Fitness cash giveaway!

Members: Check the Facebook page of your local Flex Fitness club for ways to get tickets for the giveaway.

Some ways to get tickets are listed below:

  • become a member
  • take a tour of Flex
  • refer a new member
  • bring a friend/relative
  • 50 push-ups (in front of staff)
  • 50 sit ups (in front of staff)
  • 4 minute plank (in front of staff)
  • new ways to get tickets every day…


Facebook Links:

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