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Although we could probably come up with 50 or more reasons to go to the gym, we will keep it simple and only list what we think is the most critical and popular reasons to go work out several times a week at your favorite gym.

Don’t Worry – Be Happy … Relieves Stress and Anxiety

The release of endorphins while working out is one benefit, but just getting that general good feeling from working out (at least to the point where you are pushing yourself to the “sweat” level) should be enough to motivate you to keep going and exercising. There is a definite feeling of accomplishment after a good, strong workout.

Connect Socially with Others

Unless you are one of those people that intentionally stay in your shell, you can’t help but make new friends and acquaintances while regularly working out at a gym. Humans are social beings and we are drawn to be around others, whether we want to admit it or not. It actually takes effort to not socialize with others during your workout – even if it’s only while you are arriving and leaving. This social connection can be a very strong factor in staying motivated towards achieving your health goals.

General Health Benefits from Working Out Regularly

If you want to live a longer, healthier life, you must be active and remain active. For most people, that means doing something on a regular basis, be that daily, or every other day. Even just committing to walking a couple of miles a day in your neighborhood can bring huge health benefits. But if you want to maximize your health, you will need to incorporate both a cardiac and weight regimine to your weekly schedule.

Healthy Physical Appearance

The increase in blood flow and oxygen to your body, the natural cleansing of your body’s organs and skin, the release of good hormones and brain chemicals, the toning of your muscles and strengthening of your bones: all these things and more will lead to an improved physical appearance that you, and others will notice. In order to look your best, you must be active, Visiting your local gym regularly will accomplish this easily.

Increased Brain Activity and Creativity

Many studies have proven that regular workouts will lead to increased brain activity and creativity. This would not only affect your personal relationships, but also your work at your job and how you interact with others. 

Better Sex

Along with improved self confidence, regular physical activity from working out at your local gym will directly impact your sexual health. Studies have proven that people that worked out regularly, had improved sexual function over those that did not. 

Improved Sleep 

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to overall health. It’s during your sleep cycle that your body heals itself. If you do not sleep well, your general physical  and mental health will decline over time. One of the major benefits to exercising is that people’s sleeping patterns improve, thereby leading to improved health.

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