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Even with the gym being open 24 hours, finding time for most people is still not easy. Between work, family, friends, and more finding that hour –or even 30 minutes—is not always easy. But when you do fit it in, the key is to make sure you are making the most of your time.Make the most of your workout at Flex Fitness

Regardless of your goal (Remember those resolutions you made), it is possible to not only find time in your schedule to make it in for a workout but make that workout count.

Here are seven ways to make the most of your precious time getting your fit on:

Fuel Your Workout

You can’t get the most out of your workout if you are out of gas. Don’t skimp on the pre-workout snack even if it is some fruit, a handful of nuts or a protein shake. This is even more important if you hit the gym early in the morning—gotta fuel the engine after sleeping for seven or eight hours.

Start with Something You Like

OK, we realize that going to the gym may not be the highlight of your day—although we try hard to make it. So, after you’ve done your warm-up, start with your favorite exercise or body part. Love working your core? Start with some planks before you hit the weights. Love to groove? Take a Zumba class before you hit the machines. By starting with something you find fun, it’ll pump you up and make the workout seem like less of a “have to,” and more of a “want to.”

Burn More Calories

Time is short.  Maximize your fat burning, muscle-building potential by incorporating high-intensity interval training into your cardio routine. Use compound movements and supersets during your strength training to fire up your heart rate and burn some calories while getting stronger.

Talk is Cheap

Your time is valuable, don’t waste it acting like the weight room is like the office water cooler or your Facebook page. Sure, a workout buddy can add some motivation and make the tie at the gym a little more fun. Stay focused on the task at hand and, don’t fall into the yap trap; save the small talk for the


You may not be the biggest, strongest, fastest, leanest or fittest person in the gym. But, you can be the hardest worker. The woman on the next treadmill is running a little faster than you? Someone pushing more weight than you in the squat rack? It doesn’t matter. Find that person and make sure you are working with more intensity than they are. If you are the hardest worker in the gym, you’ll be sure to see results, and you’ll see them quicker than someone not pushing their limits. Just be certain you don’t push yourself past your limits to avoid injury and lost time.

Break it Down

When faced with a set of pull-ups, crunches, or other strength-training moves, break the big set down into smaller sets to make it more doable. If doing 20 pull-ups seems out of reach, count them out in four sets of five. Looking to run for 20 minutes but it seems like you’ll never reach the end. Use your playlist to push you and run song-by-song. Smaller goals can make bigger ones more obtainable both physically and mentally

Get In, Workout, Get Out

The locker room can be a black hole for the time at the gym if you aren’t prepared. If you’re working out during your lunch break, make sure you are ready, so you have time to get your fit on. Keep your workout bag organized, so you can easily find –and repack—your things leaving time for the shower.  Going after work, be sure you have reserved your spot in the yoga class, Zumba class or Boot Camp, so you don’t miss out.

There you have it. Some simple tips to make your visit to the gym more efficient, leaving you time for other things in your life.

What time-saving tips have worked for you?



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