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Most of us can admit to having a sweet tooth when it comes to treats for special occasions and sipping on sweet tasting drinks. Our bodies need a certain amount of sugar each day, but in today’s modern world, our diets are being fueled by excessive amounts of this tasty substance. There are lots of hidden sugars in your diet that you’ll need to start looking for to be successful with your fitness program.

When starting a new fitness program your diet will become an important factor. The food we eat is turned in to muscle and fat to fuel the body. We rely on the energy food gives us to reach our fitness goals, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of rewarding yourself with something “good” after a tough workout. Unfortunately, all that does it waste all the effort and hard work you’ve just put in. There are lots of tasty treats available that don’t rely on sugar to give you an artificial high.

Sugar is found in natural food sources such as real fruit which your body is designed to process. However, it’s also loaded into what we are made to think are “healthy salads” by food manufacturers. The recommended daily allowance for sugar is 150 calories per day for men and 100 calories per day for women. By checking the amount of sugar on food labels and making your own sauces and fresh meals, you can take control of the amount of sugar you eat. You’ll be surprised where you can find sugar hiding and the ones in the list below are some of the worst offenders

  1. Ketchup – Go low sugar if you can’t resist the taste or go homemade
  2. Low-fat yogurt – Make the switch to plain yoghurt and add real whole fruit
  3. BBQ sauce – Create your own marinades for meat, tasty and sugar-free
  4. Flavored coffees – Replace with healthy green tea
  5. Iced Tea – A summer favourite which can be replaced with low sugar drinks
  6. Canned baked beans – Read the labels and see which cans have the least sugar
  7. Bottled smoothies – Make your own from fresh ingredients to avoid added sugar
  8. Pasta sauces – You can make your own from fresh ingredients especially for bulk meals

Sugar is 11 times more powerful for triggering diabetes than other substances we consume. Diabetes cases of both type 1 and 2 have risen drastically in the USA over the last 10+ years. Both types of this disease can leave you dependent on insulin. Relying on insulin will affect how you live your daily life and mean unwanted regular trips to your doctor or hospital.

A balanced diet is essential for healthy living and maintaining energy levels. Sugar in the right amounts helps your body to function normally and in a healthy way but remember too much sugar will poison your body. There is a truth to the old saying, you are what you eat.

When you’re working so hard to keep fit and train, just remember, Sweet ISN’T a Treat!

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