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Are you feeling down and out about losing excess weight?

Your weight loss journey will likely have many setbacks and short term struggles, but allowing those to change your positive attitude can be destructive to your health. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is important to your health.

Try these simple ideas.

Do away with negative words and self talk.

Feelings of guilt and low self esteem is caused by negative emotions, which is created by negative words. Do not label the foods you choose to eat as good or bad. That will only lead to feelings guilt and thoughts of cheating on your weight loss routine. The effect on your behavior can be devastating. A study discovered that people who associated chocolate cake with guilt rather than celebration were less likely to lose weight over a three month period. Instead, choose healthy foods, reduce your portion sizes, and occasionally enjoy a few treats without beating yourself up with negative words and emotions.

Talk to yourself using positive affirmations.

In the beginning, repeating positive self affirmations can feel silly and uncomfortable. But over time, you will realize how strong and powerful the practice is for helping to promote positive self-talk. Keep all affirmations in the present tense. They should always be loving, and motivating. Pick some favorite affirmations and recite them to yourself when you wake up in the morning, when choosing a healthy food choice, and when you don’t feel like working out.

  • A positive difference is made each time I make a healthy choice.
  • Be patient.
  • I get to exercise today.
  • I choose to eat healthy.

Refuse to accept the snowball effect.

When you don’t make your workout, or you choose to have that donut, don’t let small lapses in your routine to health completely destroy the rest of your day, week, or month. Too many people will throw their hands up in the air, and tell themselves that this day or week is blown, and then justify going full off the plan for a time frame. Don’t do that. Simply refocus with positive affirmations and move on and do better from that moment forward, and leave any perceived guilt behind.

Surround yourself with positive thinking people.

Do not spend time with negative people and their negative feedback. It will only bring your attitude and thoughts of success down to their level. Instead, associate with people that will help support you and build you up with positive thoughts. Negativity is easily passed around from person to person. Nothing great was ever achieved by negative thoughts.

Positive thinking is a major key in weight loss.

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